Regardless of the size of your estate, everyone needs a Will.

This legal document expresses your individual wishes regarding distribution of your solely-owned property after your death, and may also name guardians for your young children.

If your family situation changes, it may also be time to update your existing will.

Without a will or another legal method to transfer your property when you die, state law will determine what happens to your property. In addition, in the absence of a will, a court will determine who will care for your young children and their property if the other parent is unavailable or unfit to do so.


Probate is the process of interpreting a decedent’s last Will and Testament, or determining whether a Will is valid. It can also include the process of determining distribution of assets if the decedent passes without a Will (intestate). In these situations, DeMent & Marquardt can help you face the legal challenges in the most effective manner.

If you would like to determine for yourself the disposition of your property and who will care for your family when you are gone,
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